Career Transition and Continuation

When top executives reach defining moments in their careers, the search for personal continuity and meaning may prove tougher than expected. That’s where CTC inc comes in. Our Personal Priority Probe is a tailor-made proprietary tool that in the hands of experienced professionals Marianne Wehmeijer and Vivianne Hepkema leads to fresh insights and profound understanding of future options and limitations. In a cost-effective process that combines confrontation and analysis with empathy and confidentiality, Personal Priority Probe genuinely turns problems into opportunities, and possible disappointment into probable success. It is available exclusively to top executives in business and government.

A tool that helps top executives develop their full personal potential – even in troubled times.
It’s confidential, it’s affordable and above all: it’s effective.

Marianne Wehmeijer
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Vivianne Hepkema
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